Historic Brown’s Court Apartments

Built as a Spanish Bungalow Court in 1923. This was a popular architectural theme during that time period. There are six apartments arranged in a courtyard; all were originally the same size and Spanish stucco architectural style.

In keeping with the bungalow court theme, the owner, Mrs. Brown, named the apartments "Brown's Court Apartments". Each apartment was a cozy one-bedroom size, with the same efficient floor plans. Most of the original built-ins, hardwood floors, coved ceilings, moldings, interior doors, and windows are intact. Several apartments feature original kitchens and bathrooms. The property is set in a residential area of Belmont Heights and the lot is unusually large for the area (66 x 135 ), this provides space between the buildings and plenty of light into the windows of each bungalow.

“Awarded Long Beach Heritage Preservation Award”

The property has been in use for at least one-hundred years, making the original structure (a single family residence) one of the oldest in the area. Although the original structure was torn down to build  "Brown's Court Apartments", the family began occupying the property when Mr. and Mrs. Brown moved from Michigan in 1906. Tragedy struck in 1919 with the death of Mr. Brown, leaving Viola a young widow at 48. Shortly there-after Mrs. Brown rebuilt the property as a bungalow court, to take advantage of the demand for housing created by the oil boom in the area.